Ember Flynne

Extravagant Entertainment

FAQ - Fire

Actually, it's Photoshop.  Just kidding, yes, it's real!

Is that real fire?

For outdoor performances, we need a minimum 10'x10' flat space with a height clearance of at least 15'.  20'x20' is awesome for larger props and multi-performer acts. The performance area should be separated from the audience and free of holes, debris, snow, ice, and other hazards.  

Ember can work with your local fire department to acquire any permits that may be necessary for your venue.  She is even licensed to perform in regions where fire performance is highly regulated, like New York City and New Hampshire.  (Please allow 2 weeks to acquire a permit in New Hampshire.)

Is my venue appropriate for fire performance?

We can perform with fire indoors if the performance area meets a specific set of safety requirements.  Generally this requires a site visit in advance and a permit from the local fire department. For venues that cannot have fire indoors, we offer high-impact glow shows!  

Can you perform indoors?

We adhere to stringent safety guidelines that represent the highest standards in the industry.  Performers and safety personnel will require a quick meeting with any event staff involved with the performance to ensure that any site-specific procedures are followed.  A written copy of our safety procedures is also available upon request.

What are your safety practices?

All of our performers carry fire performance insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency.  We can also acquire a certificate of additional insured for your venue upon request. Please allow 48 hours to receive confirmation.

Are you insured?

Our fire show tech rider is available upon request.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions!

Where can I find more information?