Ember Flynne

Extravagant Entertainment

FAQ - Pythons

Are those real snakes?

Yes, they are living creatures.

Are they dangerous?

Ember performs with a species of snake (Python regis or ball python) that is non-venomous and non-aggressive.  If threatened, Python regis prefer to curl into a protective ball shape.  They do not bite or constrict human beings.

Furthermore, our snakes were raised in the company of humans and gradually acclimated to performance settings.  They are therefore more comfortable with loud music and new surroundings than many reptiles.  That being said, just like human performers, they occasionally get tired, cranky, or stressed, and need to take a breather.  It's the human performer's job to keep a close eye on how the snakes are doing and make sure they have a secure and comfortable place to rest when they need to.

No animal is completely predictable.  It's the job of the performer and  venue to ensure that animals are handled and cared for properly so they can be safe in performance.

Are they tranquilized?

NO.  No no no no no.

Pharmaceutically altering a living creature for entertainment purposes is animal abuse.  If you ever meet a performer who does this, please report them to the proper authorities.  

If you'd like a snake performance, you should first check that it's alright with the owners of the venue where you'll be holding the event, as well as any relevant local authorities.  This is because some venues have policies against all but service animals.

While many people love snakes, others are less familiar with them and may be nervous about being too close.  We therefore suggest a performance space that is relatively free of direct foot traffic and is visually prominent so audience members aren't taken by surprise.

Finally, the snakes require a secure, quiet room with a working outlet and a table or other elevated surface nearby so they can be warm and comfortable when they're offstage. Usually the dressing room works nicely as a temporary home for the snakes while they are at the venue.

How do I get snakes at my event?