Ember Flynne

Extravagant Entertainment

New Hampshire Fire Booking Information

The following must be received by Christopher Wyman no later than 10 business days prior to the performance:

  • Form DSFS 79 
    • NH requires the PAPER form.  They want all the sheets.  It is fine to also submit a copy electronically, but electronic submission alone is insufficient.
    • The "Applicant" is the client.  List their official address here, even if it's different from the perfomance location.
    • List the performance location as exactly as possible.  Include a Google maps picture and nearest address if there is no street address.
    • Under "Times(s)" you will need to list the EXACT set times, including breaks
    • The "Proximate Audience Operator" is Ember.  They require her legal name.
    • Under "Qualifications of Operator," write "see attached resume."
    • "Assistants" are fire safeties.  You will need their birthdays and legal names.  It is imperative that assistants do not perform the duties of "apprentices," who need licenses from NH.  More information on this distinction can be found in Saf-C 6900.  Cliff Notes...fire safeties can: supervise the fueling area to ensure no foot traffic enters it, extinguish performers, extinguish lit props, and bring pre-soaked and prepped props to performers.  They cannot: operate a lighter, soak props, or spin out props (although Chris has allowed Alex to do all of those things when within arm's reach of me, it's not worth pushing it).
    • Client signature.  In a pinch, you may attach a signed contract instead of having the client sign the document itself.
    • Check the box that says "a copy of the application and permit have been submitted to the local Fire Department." 
  • Attachment : Fire Safety Experience / Qualifications Resume of Licensed Operator
  • Attachment : Photocopies of Operator's NH license and any other applicable licenses
  • Attachment : A plan as required in Section Saf-C 6903.04 of the NH State Fire Code
  • Attachment (Optional) : Contract signed by the client
  • Attachment : Permit Fee, either $250 or $400 depending on the show
  • Submit all paper forms plus a copy of all relevant attachments EXCEPT the permit fee via mail to the town Fire Department where the performance will take place.  It may be helpful to also e-mail the materials so that they are seen sooner, but again, electronic submission alone is not enough, so make sure you let them know that the paper copies are on their way.

Permit App


New Hampshire may request a demonstration of the performance prior to issuing a permit.  Assume that they WILL require one. 

  • The demo must take place at the venue, in the space where the performance will take place.  The set up of the space must be the same as it will be for the actual performance.
  • The demo must take place at a time when Chris Wyman and the local fire chief are available.
  • While the FD is sometimes flexible with dates and times, they generally prefer to schedule the demo on the same day as the performance.  
  • Demo times vary and do not reflect the amount of time needed for the actual performance.  They are also not kept on a tight time table by the officials who run them.  NH will delay performances if they feel it is necessary to complete preliminary inspections.  Be sure to alot plenty of time (my previous demos have lasted at least an hour).  
  • It costs CONSIDERABLE time and money for the licensed operator, performers, and fire safety assistants to come to a demo that is NOT day of, especially if the venue is far away.  Showing up much earlier than originally planned is an extreme inconvenience, as it may cut into ready time and budget in unexpected ways.  For example, while I was put up in a hotel for one demo (which was 24 hours prior to the gig itself) I had to check out of the hotel at 10am and therefore had nowhere to do makeup and costuming prior to arrival at the gig space, which was not outfitted with a full green room--I also had to spend a lot extra on meals for the day, and pay my fire safety extra to be there with me another full day.
  • As such, the client will be subject to a fee of 50% plus any necessary lodging and accommodations (such as late check-out, meals, etc.) if they cannot schedule a demonstration with the fire department within 3 hours of the originally scheduled load-in time.  [All the numbers in this paragraph are currently placeholders that I think are within a reasonable range.]